Chlorinated Paraffin Manufacturers

Chlorinated Paraffin is manufactured by many leading chlorinated paraffin manufacturers. It is used by a wide range of industries. Chlorinated paraffin has many applications. However, only a good quality chemical can be used. The manufacturers use a wide range of methods to make this chemical, however, the prime method of making chlorinated paraffin involves synthesis. It is synthesized with the reaction of chlorine gas with unbranched paraffin fractions. This is done almost at a temperature of anything between 80°Cto 100 °C. Also, radical substitution could be promoted by ultraviolet light.

Chlorinated paraffin manufacturers make good quality chemicals for various industrial uses. It is primarily used for paints, coatings, and making flame retardants. Many companies make this chemical, but only the firm that uses the correct process of making this chemical is preferred.

The manufacturing process of chlorinated paraffin 

Chlorinated paraffin is made by the chlorination of n-paraffin (un-branched). It can also be made by the chlorination of paraffin wax. This is done in a batch process. Ultraviolet rays are used to support this reaction. The exothermic reaction of making chlorinated paraffin is regulated at a certain temperature. 

Chlorinated paraffin is mostly distinguished as per its percentage of chlorination and carbon-chain length. There are different degrees of chlorination. The consistency of the chemical differs as per the chlorine content and chain length. 

After the apt degree of chlorination is reached, the supply of chlorine is stopped. It is realized by the refractive index, density, or viscosity. All the chlorinated paraffin manufacturers know the exact degree and temperatures at which good quality chlorinated paraffin can be formed. 

The chlorination of n-paraffin or paraffin wax is performed in a highly advanced manufacturing unit. It is mostly done in a batch process. Because it is an exothermic reaction, therefore, it leads to the formation of the by-product. The by-product is hydrochloric acid. Once the residual traces of the chemical are removed, then a stabilizer is added to make finished batches.

Things to consider by the chlorinated paraffin manufacturers making good quality chlorinated paraffin:

Make sure you have the right professionals 

One of the first things to consider when it comes to manufacturing chlorinated paraffin is whether the companies have an in-house team of experts. Manufacturers will need the guidance of professionals to follow the right process for making this chemical. The experts should spearhead the entire process of manufacturing this chemical. 

Make sure you have the right equipment 

After your team guides the manufacturing process, the next step is to arrange all the required machinery and equipment required to manufacture chlorinated paraffin. It is important to have all the latest machinery in place to make the chemical. Thorough research will be needed to get the latest equipment and machinery to make the chemicals. 

Make sure you are sourcing good quality raw material 

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to manufacturing chlorinated paraffin is to buy the best quality raw material. Perform a thorough quality check before buying and using the raw material. Prefer to buy raw materials only from recognized vendors. 

Make sure you have the cutting-edge facility 

To manufacture chlorinated paraffin more efficiently, make sure you have the latest machinery. You might even want to upgrade the manufacturing process quite consistently to ensure that you are using the latest methods. You will need to keep a close eye on the latest trends and techniques to adopt the latest methods for manufacturing chlorinated paraffin. 

Several applications of chlorinated paraffin: 

One of the most prominent uses of chlorinated paraffin is in the making of paints, dyes, and pigments. Chlorinated paraffin is a prime element used for the formulation of paints for swimming pools. Many other fireproof paints can also be made using this chemical. It also acts as a flame retardant, mostly in the industries where paints are manufactured. 

Many chlorinated paraffin manufacturers supply this chemical to the many plastic manufacturing industries as well. It is mostly used as a plasticizer in the making of PVC granules and compounds. This plastic which is made using chlorinated paraffin is further used for making cables and wires and cables. PVC is also used for making floors, windows, films, and much more. Some adhesives and sealants can also be made using this chemical. 

Rubber industries use chlorinated paraffin as well, as a flame retardant. Even in the steel and textile manufacturing units, this chemical serves many purposes. 

There are a lot of uses of chlorinated paraffin. Therefore, all the chlorinated paraffin manufacturers use the latest and most apt methods to make this chemical. It is a popular chemical, used in many industries, hence, the manufacturing processes also keep evolving. 

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