A Comprehensive Guide To Packshot Photography?

Packshot photography is a type of commercial photography that captures more details of the product. It is used for promoting or advertising the product as well as services. You will find packshot photography online and in printed publications too. It could be still or moving depending on the requirement of the client. Typically, packaging shots, including labeling, are best to boost merchandisers and photographers’ revenue. Several commercial photographers in Bristol and other parts of the UK can help you in this context. 

The quality packshot photography stimulates sales, makes the reputation of the product in the market and triggers the brand’s reputation. Packshot images give the shoppers vital details of the product. If you want to show even the minute features of your item to the customers, we recommend you to use 360-degree packshot photography. 

In this type of photography, the product is generally isolated from the background. Most of the pack shots are taken in white background. These shots reflect the brand’s personality and give a clear idea to buyers of how the product looks in reality. Moreover, it conveys the message that you want to communicate about the particular item. Packshot photography is of many types. Choosing the right one is essential to make a great impression. 

Remember to come with great packshot pictures; a high level of trust between photographer and client is needed. A few years back, leaked packshots affected the reputation of this type of photography and led to many court cases. However, every photographer is not alike. However, it is imperative to hire the one who is trustworthy and keep your stuff confidential. 

Here are the Major Types Of Packshot Photography-:

  • Studio Product Photos

This is the simplest type of packshots in which product pics are taken in a studio background. It is the quickest way to get stunning photographs of products with minute details. This is pretty effective when the packaging of the product is light sensitive. 

  • Group Product Photos

In some conditions, arranging certain products together appears more alluring in the pictures. For instance, beauty products, clothing articles, and footwear look more attractive when put together. This allows the shopper to know how the products will look in real life. Group product pack shots are a great way to communicate the general image of your brand. It is indispensable to use this kind of picture with studio product shots to get a complete overview of the item. 

  • Lifestyle Product Shots

Lifestyle photographs are another type of packshots that are used to target specific demographics. These types of photographs are used for advertising products associated with travel, adventure, and sports. For instance, lifestyle pack shots are used to display camping equipment, sports goods, and outdoor accessories. Apart from this, it is also effective in showcasing decorative items and home goods. 

  • Close-Up Product Shots

If you want to show intricate details as well as fine craftsmanship of your product to the buyers, opting for close-up product photography is the best idea. It gives viewers a complete picture of every product feature and increases the odds of selling. You can also use such photography to highlight the particular part of the product that makes it different from the other articles in the market. 

Although hiring the best commercial photographer  in Bristol or any other city to click the quality and high-resolution pictures is essential. However, if your budget is pretty low, you can yourself take the packshots. Remember to consider following basic practices to get the eye-catching packshots.

  • Use premium quality equipment to reflect the product realistically.
  •  Use the only soft light to highlight the specific area to avoid distraction from the product.
  • Don’t use filters and avoid over-editing to get the best packshots.
  • Use only a plain background, preferably white, to get the viewer’s attention.
  • Shoot products from every angle, and if possible, click 3D images.
  • Avoid flash and use the right camera setting, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

The Bottom Line-: 

Hope you like the above information related to packshot photography and will consider to uplift your sales. 

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