How does Missed Call Solution offer unparalleled growth to businesses in 2022?

missed call solutions

A missed call solution is an asset for every business that can help to accelerate growth in 2022. A missed call solution allows business to call back their customers who gave the business number missed calls. When a customer calls on the missed call number of a business, the call automatically gets rejected after a few rings and the system sends information across to a Live Panel. The database collects the call record without the need for a customer to bear the expanse of the call. The business uses the database to reconnect with the customer by sending a message later.

The missed call solution helps to handle the entire process of gathering the missed call data in a database. The system saves customer’s time and money at the same time reduces the agents’ workload. It provides a business with valuable time for other necessary services. The database generates comprehensive reports of the calls that include their contact number, name, location, time of call, etc. Later, from the database, the agents reconnect with the customer with an auto-dialer that connects the business to the targeted audience either through an automated IVR message, a voice bot or by a live agent.

A business can use toll-free missed call numbers to expand customers to boost marketing campaigns. It also provides real-time alerts for any missed call, thus registering every call and updating the database in no time. Missed call solutions further track call center performance and caller trends, through end-to-end monitoring which helps in driving important business insights with analytics dashboards. Missed Call Alert can be used with different types of numbers, like direct inward dialing numbers, virtual mobile numbers, or toll free numbers which add to streamlining business communication. Missed call Solutions offer a range of features that adheres to the business of any size with their needs for better customer service. Some of the important features of missed call solutions are:

  1. Increase lead generation: A missed call solution can be used when a potential customer called the business’s dedicated number, after a single ring the call gets disconnected automatically. The customer instantly gets a confirmation message informing that the call has been registered and they will get a response soon.  This generates a strong database and based on it a call response is scheduled as per the needs and requirements of the customer. The satisfaction of customers draws more customers to the business.
  2. Expand market reach: Any business with a toll free number can use it to broaden their brand awareness during promotional events by launching missed call SMS campaigns. The toll free number makes the business more accessible for customers in the market. It also gives the business a brand image.
  3.  Missed call service for opt-in: Missed calls can be used as a tool to subscribe to the business by just dialing the number. A potential customer who is willing to join the business service for information, regular updates or various other services can easily opt-in by just a miss call. After the missed call is registered a customer would get a message confirming the registration or subscription of the customer to the business. This easy step is economical and time-saving. It reduces workload and unnecessary loop work for both the customer and the agent.
  4. Enhance CRM integration: Missed call solutions help in enhancing business with custom analytics tools like Google Analytics and CRM etc. This helps in getting insights and capturing specific user journeys with a reporting interface.
  5. Launch outbound calling campaigns: Missed Call solutions can be combined with outbound calling solutions to process targeted messages to customers. An outbound call campaign is part of the telemarketing strategy where agents call the customers and ask questions to get valuable information about their business services and products. As Missed Call Solution helps to record maintenance of customers, reaching out becomes easier.
  6. Voting and e-surveys: Missed call solutions can be used as a tool to conduct voting and e-surveys which is an easier means for customer engagement, market survey and also can be used for training agents for better service delivery. Replacing messaging response with a missed call response for voting and e-survey draws more people that provide valuable and quality feedback for business growth.
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