Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry


This tale become terrible as it worried youngsters, one simplest 12 years vintage, who became harshly killed through some other baby whose age changed into handiest sixteen years. gabriel kuhn and daniel patry

 It is about a homicide case in 2007 in which two teens were concerned.

Who is Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn?

Daniel Petry

Daniel Philip Petry changed into, born in 1991 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

 There’s no information about her childhood, bio, academic background, or family.

Daniel Petry came into the limelight after he turned into worried in a murder case.

Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn who changed into killed by using Daniel became additionally born in the identical metropolis in 1995.

 He changed into the son of a solid, own family.

The boy was excellent at research and was an obedient toddler.

He changed into just the opposite of Daniel Patry.

Character and lifestyle of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn!!!


Daniel become a toddler, he became a disobedient and aggressive child, as long as he is aggravated, he reacts with top-notch violence.

His region of protection and enjoyment became television and later the internet and online video games.

He was an unpleasant child seeing that his delivery and his mother and father recounted their son’s belligerence and even took him to a psychiatrist, but he didn’t end the remedy sessions and dropped out of remedy in the Center.

 He is continuously reprimanded at college for skipping training and failing to attend instructions.

At the same time as playing this recreation, he met Gabriel Kuhn.

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They have become true buddies not best in an internet game but additionally in person.

They started out even sharing some matters.

 The dramatic incident happened in their lifestyles when they exchange a large amount of money only for a game.

 They often chat, despite the fact that Gabriel Kuhn’s parents have a few reservations about him after knowing approximately the mental condition of the neighbor’s boy Daniel.

The mental circumstance of Daniel the murderer!!


Such terrible and frightful events always hoist questions concerning the psychosomatic elements concerned.

When it is about a boy of just 16 then it will become greater concerning.

 If we communicate approximately Daniel, who brutally murdered the 12-yr-old man, we can come to recognize that his intellectual condition can’t be characterized as normal at all.

 He became going through many mental conditions.

What came about to both of the teenagers?

As according to the gathered sources, a boy Gabriel Kuhn changed into killed with the aid of Daniel Patry, 16, after being tortured and harassed for over a month.

The story starts whilst Gabriel borrowed money from Daniel to use in the game and then refused to pay him again.

Blumenau, Brazil, became the spot of the incident. The complete matter started out because of a game referred to as Tibia.

At one level of the game, Gabriel asked Daniel for 20,000 digital cash to clean the stage.

 Daniel agreed to lend money to his friend, with the condition of repaying as early as feasible.

Daniel became enraged, and he dialed Gabriel’s mom’s number to inquire about her plans to go back to Nova Trento.

 At the identical nighttime of the crime, his mother become in Nova Trento around nine in the evening.

After this danger Daniel became furious and following that, he went to Gabriel’s house and knocked at the door, however it turned into locked

After getting into the house and locking the door in the back of him, Daniel battered Gabriel.

He cruelly assaulted him.

 Gabriel tried to guard himself by means of some manner, however he didn’t accomplish that.

He changed into dripping moist in blood after being beaten terribly by means of Daniel, and Daniel began to snicker quietly looking at him.

The boy screamed and cried in terror however this made Patry extra unkind to do greater cruelty.

Petry kept cutting him like whatever, he reduces off his left leg.

 Gabriel became greatly surprised by the bleeding and he stopped screaming.

 Then Petry took the hacksaw and determined to preserve cutting him. He was so violent that he reduces off his right leg.

Daniel first attempted to cover the frame inside the gloom of the house.

 For doing this, he took greater cables and attempted to hang them up.

 However, he didn’t make it feasible because Gabriel turned into too heavy to lift. Then he determined to throw his dead body at the door of the house.

Shortly after, Gabriel’s mom arrived and determined the frame lying at the doorway of the house.

This scene scared her that she became running into the road.

Any other neighbor saw his mother going for walks, after which his useless body Gabriel completely soaking wet in blood, and he referred to as the police right away.

The police hurriedly located Petry as Gabriel’s laptop confirmed the fight that had just come about earlier on the door of Gabriel’s house.

 They right away arrested Daniel in his personal home.

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Postmortem reports of Gabriel

 After the postmortem reports of Gabriel came out, Petry agreed to kill the boy alive but declined to admit to the rape case, claiming that he was now not gay.

In the end,

 we can say that although Daniel Patry turned into not in his senses, his intellectual circumstance become now not best as a normal infant.

Gabriel’s autopsy file and shreds of evidence!!

Despite the fact that the record of the autopsy of Gabriel has been uncovered on social media, yet there is no autopsy photo is found now.

However, a few photos of the crime scene that were captured on Gabriel’s laptop are getting viral on the internet.

Furthermore, how Daniel was murdered is a horror tale due to the fact his terror did not stop until strangling Gabriel.


Everything in this life is a slump, and the only truth is that if you come on this planet, you have to leave this world one day.

The story of two teen friends Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry will make you understand that death is the eventual truth, and no one has the control to run from it.

One day or the other, you have to meet your death.

 This is a universal fact and does not matter a lot.

What matters is how you cuddle your death, whether you stood straight or were you a part of a mishap.

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