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A personal loan refers to a type of unsecured loan which requires no collateral and minimum documentation. It includes low-interest rates, multiple uses, and quick disbursements. Owing to technological advancements, the entire process of opting and availing loans is going online. To meet this need of the consumer, all the financial institutions have used many different methods. One such is the use of a touchless online loan app. With Fullerton India’s similar offering in the form of the InstaLoan application, you can easily avail of these loans online and get numerous benefits.

What do you need to use the Fullerton India InstaLoan App?

Before you opt for the Fullerton InstaLoan app, it is crucial to understand the pre-requisites. To avail of a personal loan, the individual must be a resident citizen of India. Only individuals between the age of 21-60 years can avail of the loan.  Monthly salaries are applicable for only salaried individuals who avail of the personal loan. For individuals residing in Mumbai or Delhi, the amount is ₹25000, whereas, for salaried individuals living in other parts of the country, the monthly income must be ₹20,000.  

Also, the individual must have a strong credit score to avail of these loans. You can ensure this by maintaining a history of timely repayments of all debts.  A credit score of 750 or above makes you a sound candidate for availing of loans. On the other hand, if you have a credit score lesser than 300, there are chances of your application getting rejected. 

Advantages of Availing Personal Loans with Fullerton India InstaLoan App 

There are numerous benefits of availing of personal loans through this online loan application. These include a hassle-free application process, easy to use, safeguarding during a crisis, minimal documentation requirements, and instant disbursements of the loan amount. These are explained below. 

  • Hassle-Free Application Process

The whole process of applying for personal loans with Fullerton India’s online loan app is entirely digital. It makes availing of loans a convenient and hassle-free process. Borrowers may now complete the whole loan application process without visiting physical branches of the financial institutions and from the comfort of their homes, anywhere and anytime.  

  • Safeguard During Times of Crisis

It’s essential to have a safe alternative of funds during times of financial crisis. A personal loan is just the right source of finances during such hardships. Not only that, with Fullerton India, you can easily avail of financial assistance instantly and get a quick loan application process with fast disbursements by just installing Fullerton India InstaLoan App.

  • Easy to Use  

A user-friendly interface is essential to ensure a smooth customer experience. One of the primary features which distinguish Fullerton India loan application is that it is straightforward to use and operate. Customers can easily create accounts, fill up the relevant details and verify whether or not they are eligible for the loan. Not just that, users can also keep a check on the status of loan applications that they applied for from time to time.   

  • Minimal Documentation Requirements

There are many details that the borrower needs to upload while availing of personal loans. These include income proof, age proof, identify proof, salary slips, financial statements of accounts, and Form 16. While opting for Fullerton India’s InstaLoan app, there is a minimal requirement for such documents.  

  • Instant Disbursements of Loan Amount

The time duration of the loan is disbursed after approval is crucial for all borrowers checking while availing loans. Fullerton provides a speedy approval process for all the borrowers on successful completion of the application process. Moreover, borrowers can even borrow loans of higher amounts if they have a strong credit score and meet all the eligibility requirements.  


Financial backup is still in today’s life. There are various types of loans offered by financial institutions that fulfil different objectives. These include two-wheeler loans, home loans, loans against property as well as personal loans. Every borrower must check the eligibility requirements before opting for the loans. 

Now, you can get access to a range of facilities and avail of offers from the comfort and safety of your home with loan applications. Choose the Fullerton India’s instant loan app to get attractive interest rates and flexible repayment tenures. For more information, contact us.

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