Why use a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies give a range of benefits for job seekers. However, companies out there do not realize the benefits that job recruitment agencies provide for them. In a competitive world, discovering the right candidate is often rather hard. In fact, 9 out of 10 employers in Singapore face challenges as it pertains to hiring and training candidates.

Many companies turn to recruitment agencies to help them recruit the right crowd because of their open positions. There are several benefits as it pertains that comes with using the services of a manpower outsourcing agency. They include:

  1. Recruit Better Candidates

Some candidates might be hard to find. Others are flaky, or some might be passive and on the fence about the job. These might seem to be like minute problems, however, they all add up and will cost your organization’s in-house HR team a lot of distress and wasted time.

On the other hand, manpower agencies have many networks. Think about it, recruitment agencies have access to a slew of folks (i.e. consultant, candidate, or clients) which a hiring manager might possibly not have access to.

Flink Recruit was conceptualized in 2021 with the aim of automating recruitment and turning the industry on its head. This unique recruitment platform relies on disruptive innovation to result in high-speed quality recruitment. Quite simply, it shows the promise of being a game-changer in the industry while not only simplifying the search for candidates but also enhancing the quality of identified candidates for the benefit of employers.

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Additionally, recruitment agencies likewise have a well established network to:

Job Boards: Recruitment agencies often have use of multiple job boards across Singapore. It allows them to source and discover a range of talented candidates for your organization.

Talent Pipeline: Candidates will actually track down and sign up for agencies with a trusted reputation. Which means that a good recruitment agency will already have a network of engaged, skilled, and prospects to help to fill your vacancy.

Passive Candidates: It requires someone with a lot of skill and tact to approach passive applicants to persuade them for a task.

With a number of options available to recruitment agencies, it is simpler for agencies to scour the internet for the perfect candidate. Conversely, it will be a lot pricier for you to find the appropriate prospect using the same methods!

Some of the advantages of the Flink Recruitment Platform for FlinkCo’s include the fact that they get access to candidates that are screened and vetted before they can be interviewed. Thanks to its smart filters and algorithms, top candidates can be short-listed in a matter of seconds, saving huge amounts of time for employers. The platform takes it a step further with efficient interviews, offer administration, and recruitment management for the benefit of companies.

Flink Recruitment Platform has a lot to offer companies – “FlinkCo’s”, as they can now directly and instantly access a wide pool of the best talent. The platform offers full cycle recruitment from shortlisting, verifying, interviewing and ranking through Psychometric assessments and reference checks of all candidates. Candidates – “Flinkers”, on the other hand get the opportunity to showcase their true talents and skills to make their way to purposeful and rewarding careers. Thus through digitization, unique algorithms, and artificial intelligence, the platform optimizes search results and the recruitment process.

Keeping the current work dynamics in mind, the Flink Recruitment Platform carries out ranking optimization through psychometric assessment. It means chosen candidates can be culturally fit to organizations and have the right aptitudes for their teams. The Flink platform also contacts references automatically, and the responses are factored in while ranking the candidates to help FlinkCo’s make informed decisions.

Candidates interested in finding positions that are meaningful to their skills and talents can simply register with Flink Recruit. They are required to create their profile with credentials, fill out a criminal declaration, and submit personal details. They will then be invited for interviews through the platform for companies that are interested in their profiles. A specialized psychometric test helps rank them based on clients’ specific requirements.

  1. Retain Your Hires

Most companies don’t realise that recruitment agencies provide one major benefit that in-house recruiters do not: security. Recruitment agencies offer additional security when it comes to retaining your brand-new hire. Hiring through a recruitment agency usually includes a guarantee.

If the worst happens as well as your new hire is terminated or chooses to leave before their time is up. But even if that happens, recruitment agencies will find a new replacement applicant at no extra charge. In this manner, it’s a lot less risky if a prospect chooses to leave. So you won’t have to come back returning to square one and discover another candidate.

  1. Find Skilled or Unique Hires Immediately

It is simple to find a prospect – if you have the time to spare. But consider having to source for the right talent for a temp position (e.g. to cover maternity leave). Remember, 93% of employers in Singapore already think it is hard to source and train candidates. Imagine needing to do this in such a short period of time.

Another major problem that many HR personnel face is: being ill-equipped to get the right skilled hire. A survey by Gallup finds that companies fail to find the applicant with the right talent for the job 82% of the time. HR teams are trained to hire applicants that best fit the description in the work ad. This means that some might miss or do not appreciate the hidden skills and talent some prospects have. It could also lead to the hiring associated with an underqualified candidate.

By outsourcing the first leg of your recruitment process operation, you’ll be passing upon this burden to skilled recruiters.

  1. Save Time, Money, and Employee Bandwith

Unless you’re a hiring manager or work in HR, you will possibly not realise how expensive and exhausting it is to interview a mass number of prospects to employ. The best part? Your core HR team will be able to focus their efforts on the core duties.

The recruitment process is not really a quick one. When your organization outsources its services to a recruitment agency, you are saving time from:

Crafting job advertisements

Marketing your open positions

Marketing your company and/or organization

Screening potential candidates

Communicating with individuals (i.e. including follow up)

Administrative duties

First interview

Salary negotiations

Don’t you think you’d have better plus more considerations to do with your time?

  1. Recruiter Knowledge

One thing good recruitment companies have that a lot of in-house recruiters don’t is insider knowledge. Top recruitment agencies are just better at recruitment because it’s what they do.

Recruiter knowledge refers to:

Utilizing the right keywords and phrases, to make the work advert rank higher. A highly ranked job ad = more potential prospects will in actuality see your vacancy.

Screen CVs and resumes for potential red flags quickly and effectively. This means that weaker individuals will be eliminated previously in the procedure. It sounds simple, but time and resource-poor job organizations may not be able to run through a thorough matching process.

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