The Effect Of Hyper Mutated Omicron COVID Variant

Omicron Virus

The world is already suffering from the catastrophic effects of coronavirus, and the emergence of the Omicron COVID variant makes things worse. This harmful virus was detected on 26 November by WHO in South Africa. 

After that, this virus traveled to Hong Kong and other parts of the globe. With the detection of 10 more new cases of Omicron virus, the Omicron virus count of India reaches 97. Due to this, the government is making every effort to convenience unvaccinated people to get vaccines soon. 

Presently the UK is the country that is highly affected by the hyper mutated Omicron virus, with 11,710 total cases. The second comes in line with Denmark. 9,000 active cases. 

The mutation of this virus is more complex than the previous virus of the SARS family; it is changing properties at a very fast rate and is a bit difficult for researchers to understand. 

Weakness, tiredness, fatigue, low fever and sore throat are some of the early symptoms of the newly identified Omicron virus. Each nation’s government is trying to control its spread by conducting testing at international airports and crowded public places. 

It has been reported that Omicron virus has worse symptoms than its previous counterpart, i.e., delta virus. This virus has been detected in several states of India, including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala and Punjab. 

The latest news coming from Punjab state is that the first Omicron case was found in Chandigarh last Sunday in a two-year-old male who was returned from Italy in November. He was asked to stay in the home despite detecting any symptoms. His COVID-test was conducted in which the Omicron variant was confirmed on 11 December. 

It is spreading at an unprecedented rate in Punjab. As per the stats, this virus will severely affect the population of Punjab in January and December 2022. According to the recent survey, around 603780 people got infected from COVID 19, and approximately 16,622 lost their lives. This count is quite high. 

The spread of hyper mutated Omicron COVID variants has stressed the election commission about how to plan for the upcoming elections of the Punjab assembly. On Wednesday, the chief election commissioner Sushil Chandra visited Chandigarh for 2 days election commissioner Rajiv Kuma to discuss Punjab assembly elections. 

Given this, the Punjab health department decided to send around 300 COVID samples to GMC Patiala after every 15 days. Before this, around 15 samples were already sent for examination. Also, the election commission has rolled up sleeves to take every measure to promote social distancing. Special training is being given to the district-level officers on maintaining adequate distance between the voters in the booth.

Chief electoral officer Karuna Raju said that about 25,000 booths in the state would be equipped with masks, PPE kits, sanitizers, and gloves. Also, votes will be appropriately screened on the entry gates, and the count of voters in the polling will be no more than the specified limit. 

Raju also said separate exit and entry gates would be made to promote social distance. The entry to each voter will be given after proper thermal scanning and checking. Any person with a body temperature exceeding the ideal limit will not be permitted to enter the voting area and will be isolated instantly. However, they will be allowed to vote at the end wearing PPC kits.

The election commission is working hard to enforce political parties to follow the safety guidelines created by the health department. Also, it’s tying up with the Punjab Pollution Control Board to reduce the biomedical waste generated from the masks and gloves. The chief election commissioner said that the dedicated team would dispose of all the waste in one of the five waste treatment plants located in Pathankot, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Mohali and Muktsar. 

The Bottom Line-:

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